Off-duty medics save 2 cardiac arrest victims

Bystander CPR and AEDs helped save a young boy and a runner collapsed in cardiac arrest

Nov 3, 2015

By EMS1 Staff

AUSTIN, Texas — Two off-duty paramedics from Austin-Travis County EMS performed bystander CPR on two separate occasions, possibly saving the lives of a young boy and a runner who suffered cardiac arrest.

Chance Bergstrom was driving on Oct. 26 when he noticed a boy lying face down on the pavement and his mother nearby screaming for help.

Bergstrom jumped out of his car to assist. He identified himself as a medic with ATCEMS and began performing CPR on the boy.

A few minutes later, Sunset Valley Police officers arrived with an AED. Officer J.C. Hall attached the AED to the patient as Bergstrom continued compressions. After two shocks with the AED the boy’s pulse returned. He regained consciousness and was transported to Dell Children’s Hospital.

On Nov. 1 ATCEMS Captain Mark Hawkins had finished his shift when he heard some commotion outside his EMS station. The on-duty crew was gone so Hawkins walked outside and found that a runner from the “Run for the Water” event had collapsed about 50 yards away from the station.

Hawkins started CPR with a bystander and a few minutes later an off-duty firefighter jumped in to help. The team performed several minutes of compressions before an AFD Engine Company arrived with an AED.

After one shock with the AED, the man regained consciousness. The ambulance arrived soon after and Hawkins joined the crew for the transport to the ER.

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